March Reads

Ok so this post is more than a little late…February was a crazy month for us. If you know us personally then you know we always have lots on the go, and February was no exception! But last month it just all felt a little much, not for any particular reason, it was just hectic, tiring (I’m looking at you sleepless kids!) and a little stressful. Think we’re coming out the other side of it now, and with the weather cooling down I’m getting excited for winter!! Give me all the rain, green fields and cozy evenings next to the fire!

So last month I set myself the challenge of reading 2 books each month, one for spiritual development and one for pleasure. I finished One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp for the first catergory and absolutely loved it!! I know its been around for a long time, but I kinda want to do a review on it…if anyone’s interested in knowing my thoughts?

My second book, for pleasure, was Persuasion by Jane Austin. I haven’t read it….I tried a couple of times to get in to it, but just couldn’t get myself past the first few pages. I’ve read Jane’s books before and loved them, so I’m putting it down to sleep deprivation and the brain fog that comes with it, haha! I’ll give it another try one day and hopefully we’ll get along better.

This month I raided my mum’s library shelf. Not because I don’t have books at home that I still haven’t read (coz I do, who doesn’t?), but I’ve been wanting to read St Therese’s The Story of a Soul for a while now and had a vague memory of seeing it hiding amongst the books of my childhood. Very excited to give this one a go!

I decided to go with just a small book for pleasure (though I’m sure I’ll get a lot of pleasure out of The Little Flower), as I’m expecting my first choice to be a little on the heavy side. Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan is another that has resided on Mum’s shelf for years (#homeschoolerlife) but that I don’t recall ever reading. Its set during the pioneering days out on the prarie so sounds like it will be right up my alley 👍

What are you reading this month? What books have your tried reading and just not been able to get in to? Any recommendations for me?

3 thoughts on “March Reads

  1. I’ve just finished “The Dark is Rising” sequence by Susan Cooper and really enjoyed it. It’s a five book series (I have them all in the one volume :)) I must confess, I did struggle to complete the final book – not sure why…but it was still a good read. Now I’ve moved on to “A Mind for Numbers” by Barbara Oakley. Simple summary – it gives you techniques on how to learn more effectively. I’m half way through chapter 4 and am finding it great 🙂 Also, been reading a couple of books on keeping chickens, because I got six 4-week-old pullets for my birthday!!! (But, of course, you already knew that! :P)
    Whilst on the topic of reading books, it was fun revisiting Bob Graham’s delightful books. Lately I’ve read a couple to my 2yo granddaughter (who has enjoyed them). They were a favourite with all four of my children and it’s fun seeing the next generation enjoy them too 😀

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    1. Yay chickens!! 😄 will have to get some tips off you when we get some 🐔 I have very fond memories of Bob Graham’s books, love the illustrations just as much as the stories themselves 😊


  2. Would love to read St. Therese’s book, when you’ve finished.
    Bought a book recently, recommended by Fr Brian, and it’s Title is,
    “Champions of the Rosary’, The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon”,
    by Very Rev. Donald H. Calloway, MIC.
    What a powerhouse of a Book, and I’ve only read the first few pages. In a nutshell, (quote from the book), “I have written Champions of the Rosary to recap and pick up where St. Louis de Montfort left off”. It has 29 Endorsements at the front of the book, and among them, are Priests, Archbishops and Cardinals. This is POWERFUL, and I hope many, many people get the chance to buy and read it.
    It’s available from: Marian Helpers Center, Stockbridge, MA 01263.
    Orderline: 1-800-462-7426
    Love your Blogs xoxo


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