Saint Joseph

I’ve loved St. Joseph ever since I can remember. I have this vivid memory of an image of St. Joseph hanging in the house of one of my mum’s friend that sort of reminded me of my dad, I guess that’s where the fondness for him started.

I’ve prayed to St. Joseph for years and, through his intercession, have so much to be thankful for. Number one being my husband – there’s not a doubt in my mind that it was St. Joseph who brought us together, though that story’s a post all in its own!

St. Joseph is our family patron, not only does he guide us and protect us, he teaches us daily how to be humble, thankful and to put our trust totally in God. He is among the most gentle and compassionate of all the saints, and will forever be special to us.

This prayer we say often – its meant as a novena (and a powerful one at that!) however we say it daily as a prayer, and often at the end of our rosary. My sister bought this plaque for us and it hangs in our bedroom, as a reminder to look to him for guidance in our marriage and in raising our children.

With March being his month, take the time to pray to him especially and to get to know him. He loves to help so very much and has never given a reason to doubt him.

One thought on “Saint Joseph

  1. How beautiful, Dear Kayla. Please don’t keep us in suspense, and write soon about your Beloved St. Joseph, and what he has done for you. No pressure 🙂
    God Bless, Ave Maria, xoxo

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