Easter Traditions

We’ve had kids in our life for the past three Easters, however this was the first one where we’ve had one old enough to take note of what was going on. Our eldest is just over 2yrs old and is very bright. Meaning that there was going to be no hiding all the chocolate from her this time! So, in an effort to combine standard Easter traditions with something a little more meaningful, my husband and I decided to make a few minor adjustments before introducing our girl to the excitement of egg hunting this year.

I found a packet of hollow plastic eggs for just $2 at the craft store and set about making/collecting little things in fill them with. By Good Friday we had;

– a little plush lamb decoration to represent the Lamb of God (plus it ties in with our lives as sheep farmers!)

– a little decade Rosary that I made for her to use in the car – we’ve been lately trying to say the Rosary more often with her and she’s really taken to it.

– I also found these adorable Lamb of God stickers that I think my mum gave me in my Christmas stocking one year. Talk about hoarding…

-a large Miraculous Medal.

I threw in a few chocolate ones too, nobody likes a kill-joy right?

We hid the eggs around my mother-in-law’s garden (waaay more fun than hiding them in the few planters on our verandah) Our little girl had a blast searching for them, and you know what? She was actually just as excited for all the little treasures as she was for the chocolate!

Next year we’ll have two kiddies hunting for eggs, and fully intend to continue this new tradition of ours. I’d love some ideas for little treasures to hide in their eggs! Any thoughts?

Tell me about your Easter Traditions! I’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “Easter Traditions

  1. Love your ‘New Tradition’, Kayla,
    I did have a think about other little treasure’s, and wondered about some little Angels, representing the Angels that rolled away the Stone to Jesus’ Grave?


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