The Pretty Moments

Today was a long, hectic, tiring day. It wasn’t because of anything particularly trying, or difficult, it was just simply a hard day. It’s nearly finished now, and as I sit here in the semi-dark, fire glowing and tea in my hands, I just want to focus on all the little pretty moments that happened amidst all the hustle and bustle of the day.

So, before I go to bed, I am thankful for;

– my husband taking the early morning shift with the kids so that I could get a little bit of extra sleep in (all by myself!)

– a hot shower on a cold morning.

– being able to make it to Mass.

– taking our kids to see “Daddy and Poppy” working with the sheep in the yards.

– helping Nanny and Nanna dig potatoes up in the garden.

– having about 2 months worth of potatoes!

– having rare one-on-one time with my eldest while her baby sister slept.

– being able to thoroughly enjoy her passionate cuddles and kisses. To sit in the rocking chair together. To have “bubbly hot chocolates” while reading one of her favourite books – just us.

– watching my tiny daughters play together in the sandpit while I picked flowers in the evening light.

– having my 2yr old come to me, 5 rosaries in hand, while I was in the middle of preparing dinner and say “come on mummy, lets say a Holy Mair-ee”.

– stopping to kneel before our home altar with my girls and pray three Hail Mary’s, after which my 2yr old laughs and say “make Jeesis happy! Mair-ee so happy! Loves me!” which is what we’ve always told her when we pray.

– eating a good dinner with my little family.

– a warm fire.

– sleeping babes.

And just like that, a day that at first glance seemed like a fairly ordinary one, was actually a really beautiful day.

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