June Reads

So, last month’s didn’t exactly go as planned. Turns out that Whitethorn Woods is one of those trashy sort of romance novels and was not at all what I hoped it might be. I read the first few chapters, skimmed the middle in the space of a few minutes and glazed over the last chapter. Not for me thanks, I’m sorry it took up room in our packing boxes when we moved and it’ll serve as a lesson for judging a book by its cover, haha!

I made it through The Rosary, but it was a very broken read – we were away twice during May and I forgot to pack it both times…oops. But its a lovely, easy to read book and would probably be a good read for highschool students, regardless of whether you homeschool or not.

I’m super excited for this month’s book pile, and not just because of the co-ordinating colours! Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider is another borrowed book from my mum. I’ve been feeling really frustrated with the clutter in our home for a while now, and given that the winter rains have set in and we’ll be house bound most days, it feels like a good time for a deep clean and clear out.

I think I read My Side of the Mountain in highschool and the only thing I can remember about it is that I enjoyed it, and that the boy eats rabbit liver at some point, the things you remember huh? Anyway, I’ve always been a sucker for those castaway, lost-in-the-forest type stories so I’m looking forward to reading this on stormy evenings next to our fireplace…pretending that its actually my campfire and that I’m actually in a cave.

I’ve thrown in an extra bonus book this month for two reasons; its ridiculously short and, two, I felt a little guilty not having any spiritual reading planned this month. My husband picked this one up (along with many other books) at an event he went to earlier this year where Jason Evert was speaking.

So as you can see, big plans and exciting books for this month! Its also my birthday month so that may be attributing to the excitment, just a little.

A special thank you to my 2yr old for her assistance in prepping for these photos. I don’t think its ever taken me so long to grab a few shots, but she loved helping so it was worth it.

(Excuse the crazy-post-nap-bed-hair look!)

Another special thank you to my mum for indulging my blogging by bringing me the flowers I asked for!

What are you lovely people reading this month?

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