26 Things About Me

When I started this blog, I wanted my writing to always put the focus on how God was working in my life (and still do!) I’m not setting out to be a typical lifestyle blogger and so prefer to keep my face out of my photos, but since today is my birthday, I thought it might be fun to do a little “get to know me” post!

The basics; I am 26, have been married to my best friend for 4 years and have two beautiful daughters aged 2.5 and 10 months. We live on my husband’s family farm on a house on a hill surround by green paddock and Australian bush.

– I was homeschooled for nearly the entirety of my schooling life; instead of doing year 12 I studied a Certificate IV in Pastoral Care Ministries.

– I drink more cups of tea than I say prayers. No matter how you look at that situation, there’s a problem there that needs fixing…

– If I could only read one book for the rest of my life it would be Anne of Green Gables.

– I hate doing the dishes and waking up early….both things that motherhood is trying to make me get over….

– late winter/early spring is my favourite time of year; give me all the green grass and pretty flowers!

– I don’t use onions in my cooking because I think they are yucky #stilla3yearold

– I’d rather cook savoury dishes than sweet, so if we’re ever catching up for dinner, I’ll do mains, you can bring dessert.

– I am the eldest of 4 siblings; 2 brothers, 1 sister.

– I love craft work (crocheting, sewing, generally pretty things) but hate following patterns. I usually end up making it up as I go along based on whatever picture is serving as my inspiration. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

– When I was a kid I wanted to change my name to Willow.

– My favourite mystery of the Rosary to meditate on is the 4th Glorious Mystery, but I love the Joyful Mysteries as a whole.

– my favourite colour is pale blue, but for decor I love dark green – I basically want my house to look like a forest.

– I love pretty much any flower, but if I had to choose, then my top three would be sweetpeas, violets and lavender. And ferns, but they’re not a flower…

– I have a thing for pretty mugs.

– I’m a night owl. Even with having kids and being woken up multiple times a night I still find it hard to go to bed early.

– My top three movies are Tuck Everlasting, The Young Victoria and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. My favorite TV series is Poldark.

– I could eat hot chips all day, everyday, all year round.

– Before having kids I worked as a special needs education assistant and found it so rewarding.

– I *love* feeling cozy. Like, its an actual addiction, ask my husband.

– When I was about 12 I desperately wanted to be a ballerina. I would borrow all the ballet books from the library and practice in the bathroom with the towel rail.

– I adore wearing white tops and floral skirts, but my go-to mum uniform is a pair of blue skinny jeans and a grey t-shirt.

– My sunglasses are pretty much *always* on top of my head.

– I never used to enjoy gardening or cooking until I had my own house and now I love gardening and really don’t mind cooking all that much.

– My Confirmation Saint is St. Anne because she is the patroness of housewives.

– I’m a firm believer that there is joy to be found in suffering, so if you’re suffering and miserable you might want to reasses what’s going on.

– I’ve yet to find a book character that sums me up completely, but I can be described as having Elizabeth Bennet’s sarcastic humour, Meg March’s love for wife/motherhood and Anne Shirley’s habit for daydreaming.

I’d love to get to know you better! Leave a random fact about yourself in the comments ♡

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