Lily White

Yesterday I was out and about with appointments and grocery shopping, and had thought that I’d buy some special flowers for today’s feast day. On a whim I asked Our Lady to help me find some flowers for her, praying, “you choose, show me what you like,” with the expectation of finding a bunch of pretty roses at the store. I also asked that, whatever the flower, that there be lots of them as I wanted to share them with my mother, mother-in-law and my husband’s grandmother.

I was driving along the highway between errands and noticed miles and miles of lillies running rampant in the fields. “Perfect!” I thought…except the lillies were either on the wrong side of barbed wire fences, or sitting pretty in the middle of lake-like puddles that even cows wouldn’t chance, let alone me in my cheap canvas shoes…

“Well, if you want lillies, you’ll have to help me find somewhere to pull over…”

Without even realising it, I hit the indicator, and turned the car down an obscure looking side road, with absolutely no reason as to why I was doing so. As I rounded the corner there before me was a little gravel pullover bay, and mass amounts of lillies right at the very edge, not a puddle in sight! I grabbed as many as I could, as the rain started misting down, and loaded my new passengers into the car.

So now I have a small cluster of flowers on my dining table, a reminder that miracles don’t need to be big and grand to bring a smile to your face. Sometimes they’re just pure and simple, like a lily.

2 thoughts on “Lily White

  1. Thank you for my share of the flowers. They look beautiful next to Our Lady’s crowned statue…I’d post a photo, but you know me and technology xD

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