This week hasn’t ended the way I’d planned it too. According to my plans, I was going to take my kids strawberry picking just outside the city today, but when your 1yr old comes down with a bad cold and temperature, there’s not much else you can do other than pack up and go home.

I’m not mad. Disappointed, yes, especially at having to cancel much anticipated catch ups with dear friends, but it is what it is. I’m grateful for having a peaceful home to come back too, and for family who are so willing and eager to lend a hand when things get a bit too much.

So, while this weekend is looking much different to the one I’d imagined, I don’t want to loose sight of all the good things that have happened today.

– Little robin sitting on the edge of my herb garden as the sun rose.

– Miss A still trying to kiss me despite her congested state.

– 2.5yr old Miss K so excited to help Mummy with “the jobs”, such as putting dishes away.

– For morning tea with my folks.

– For my own mum staying on for the rest of the day to give me a hand with the kids, and for the long chats we were able to have.

– For my in-laws popping over to see how we all were, and for helping me get my living areas tidied for the night.

– For actually being able to lay Miss A down for 40 mins while I sipped my tea on the couch by fairy light, and in complete silence.

– For my husband who comes home tomorrow.

I’m using the hashtag #thisblessednest to help keep track of all the blessings God gives this little family of mine. Join in and show me your blessed nest 💕

2 thoughts on “#thisblessednest

  1. Safe travels on a rainy day…Miss A’s sweet smile and snuggles, despite being unwell,,, Miss K’s kisses and cuddles and “Nanna-come-play”s…reminiscing and sharing wisdom with my daughter…watching the emu amongst the sheep!…farmland beauty on a rainy day…special in-laws who are counted as friends…our 28 year wedding anniversary (so many blessings :))…the Eagles winning a closely contested grand final!!! :D. Not the day I’d planned either, but blessed all the same 😀 😀 😀

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