October Reads

“Gee Kayla, that’s a lot of books on your to-be-read pile for this month…”

“Why yes, yes it is.”

“Did you even finish last month’s books?”

“Hmmm…not exactly…”

“Do you think you’ve bitten off a little more than you can chew?”


Ok, ok, I probably got a bit excited picking out books for this month.

Is there a reason why some of them can’t wait until next month?


Should I consider finishing last month’s reading first?

I could…but…I don’t want too 😁

I finished Farmer Boy quickly and easily, and then went on to read Little House in the Big Woods (again), as well as By the Shores of Silver Lake (also again) because I’m obssessive like that.

I was all set to dive in to the Four Loves when my husband interupted me with a request to read Family Friendly Farming by Joel Salatin. You guys. Such a good book!! Even if you’re not farming, the family/parenting advice is spot on! Its a pretty big book, but easily to read and understand. If my sleep-deprived brain can understand it, anyone can 😁

Anyway, that put poor Mr Lewis on the back burner, and not for the first time. I think I’ve set aside this book about 4 times over the past few years to read and am yet to make a start. Oops. I had intended to carry it forward for this month, however I had a moment of book gluttony when creeping through the bookshelves and can’t bring myself to break up this pile.

So, my challenge for this month is to get through…

Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth. I bought, and started to read, this one just before getting married. I’d recently moved out if home for the first time and was still getting into the whole housekeeping and homely lifestyle thing. I don’t remember a lot about the book, other than I liked what it was portraying, however I simply wasn’t at a point in life where it was applicable/relatable. I’m looking forward to seeing how it applies to my life now.

Following the Little House trend (*cough* obsession *cough*) On the Way Home, and West From Home are on loan from Mum’s library. And by loan I mean they’ll probably live in my library until she asks for them back 😁

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve read them before or not. On the Way Home is a copy of Laura’s diary that she kept as she, her husband Almanzo and daughter Rose journey from De Smet in South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri in an attempt to start over. West From Home is a collection of letter from Laura to Almanzo when she visits adult Rose in San Francisco. I don’t expect that it will take me all that long to get through these two.

Companion Gardening in Australia by Judith Collins is a new-to-me book, care of the one opp shop that was open on the public holiday just gone. Its not often I come across Australia-specific garden books (that interest me) and this one has pictures! 😄

So yes, ambitious, but I’m keen! What are you reading this month?

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