Do Less…

It’s that time of year where everyone’s reflecting on the past year, looking ahead to this year and picking words and pinning dreams that will help them achieve the goals they have set for 2019.

I have to confess myself a closet New Year’s Resolutioner. My initial response to yearly goals is to sniff a bit at the whole stereotype of it all, but then I find myself at midnight (like right now, for example) with pen in hand, listing things down that I want to get done before Christmas rolls around again.

I don’t subscribe to word generators, I prefer something more personal, rather than any random word that may mean absolutely nothing too you. The last month or so, the simple phrase of “do less” has been constantly coming into mind at all random times of the day and night.

Do less.

I don’t think of myself as a busy person. Most of our days are quitely spent at home, however I always feel like my to-do list just grows and grows no matter how productive I am throughout the day.

Do less.

It seems like such a contradiction to all the “do more, make it count” slogans I so often see, but this one stuck out. Aside from the essentials of meal preparing and house cleaning, what else am I trying to cram into my day?

Do less.

I’ve always been a do-er. I find it hard to sit still and not flit around the place. Even when watching a movie, my hands need to be doing something, be it sewing, crocheting or colouring. This doesn’t mean that I’m on top of everything! I’m a chronic procrastinator! However, I procrastinate by doing things.

Further thought and reflection expanded my phrase to “do less, be present,” and my mind instantly jumps to moments such as when the kids are eating breakfast. They’re happy and quiet, so I put away the dishes while I drink my tea. Efficient, but not necessarily what I need to do every single morning. I’d be a lot more present if I drank my tea at the table with my girls, and then put the dishes away afterwards.

Nap time also jumps in to mind – those precious hours (haha, who am I kidding? I mean minutes 😂) when both the girls are asleep and I can get things done. Even when I’m dog tired and really should prioritize my health and rest at this time, I get itchy and have to be up and pottering…Seeing a pattern? So really, my phrase could easily be expanded to “do less, be present and for crying out loud, chill out!” 😁

So, I guess my New Year’s Resolution for 2019, just quietly between you and me, is to worry less about what I’m getting done each day, in the sense of physical tasks, and focus more on what’s actually happening right in front of me. To fuss less over the little things I want to do, and spend an extra 20 minutes building Duplo towers, or taking that walk before it gets too hot, even though that’s also prime housework time.

And to rest. Like actually rest. Not sit and fiddle with things, but to lie on my couch or bed when I have the chance without a book or phone within reach and actually rest.

What about you? What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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