January Reads

I’m back at it again this year with my monthly reading goals! January kind of got the jump on me with the hub of holidays though, so we’ll see how we go this month. I’m exciting to get back into reading again, I feel like I hardly touched a book all December and I miss it, though sometimes I think getting back into reading books (as opposed to screen time) is like trying to get back to eating healthy after binge eating junk food – hard at first but worth it when you make that break through 😁

This year I’m planning on reading 3 books a month – one for self-improvement and one for pleasure, but this year I’m wanting to read more about the Saints, and so plan to read about a new saint each month. Throughout my homeschooled years we always read so much about the different saints, and I always loved it. I’ve been feeling a few of them calling to be better friends recently, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. This month, however, I’m sticking with just the first two categories given that January is already nearly halfway through! These two books were already on the table ready to go, and one of them is on loan from a fellow parishoner, so I’m starting with these 👉

The Life Giving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson was a Christmas gift from my mum and dad. I’ve seen it on so many people’s recommendation lists, and its been on my wishlist for ages, so I’m super excited to tuck into it.

For Better, For Worse, and For Lunch by Christina Hindhaugh is the diary of a young woman, newly married to her Australian farmer, and completely unexperienced in anything country. I’m a little way in already, and I love the way she describes all her mishaps and learning curves with honesty, tongue in cheek humour, and positivity! As a farmer’s wife, I’ve already identified with many moments of hers! My mother-in-law is keen to read it next, so I’ll be sneaking in quick read throughout my days so as to get it to her quickly 😁

I believe this book is no longer in print, so if you happen to spy it somewhere, grab it!

What are your reading plans for this month? What are you excited to dive into?

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