The Baby that We’ll Never Hold…

Statistics say that 1 in 4 women suffer a miscarriage, and after 2 perfect pregnancies I never expected my third pregnancy to be any different. Yet here I am on the day that should’ve marked the end of my first trimester, thinking of the child we lost last month, and who we will never meet here on earth 💔

We’re not angry. Not bitter or resentful. By the grace of God, and by the merit of all those who have been praying for us during this time, we feel such a deep peace. There is heartache, of course. Our baby died. We’ll never get to know him, kiss and hold her, or rock him to sleep. Never know if this baby was girl or boy, or if they looked like their mama or daddy. But behind all that, inspite of all that, we are thankful.

Thankful for the mercy of peaceful hearts. Thankful for the support of our families and friends in all areas. Thankful for two strong healthy children already in our arms. Thankful for the tiny soul that we got to love for 9 beautiful weeks. Thankful for our faith, that gives our heartache and suffering meaning and a purpose.

Please keep us in your prayers 💕

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