the Little Big things

For a while now, my husband and brother have been slowly and faithfully working away at a project that has finally come to light! (Let’s ignore the fact that its actually been in the light for the past few weeks and I’m only just plugging it now… #wifeshame 😳).

In a world of click-bait and over dramatized media, the aim of this podcast is to talk about all the big issues in life (both Catholic and non-Catholic) that get so little attention.

This first season starts with my husband, Tom, and brother, Matt, interviewing a number of priests about some of the Little Big things within our faith, and the Church, and boy do they speak some truth!

Follow this link to find them on Spotify. You can also check them out on Instagram, and on Facebook.

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One thought on “the Little Big things

  1. Highly recommend it! I’ve enjoyed listening to the podcasts while I do work in the kitchen (my least favourite room in the house :P) So encouraging listening to truly wonderful priests.

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