Rise and Shine

Its been slowly getting lighter in the mornings over here, I’ve been trying really hard to get up before my kids do.

I’m *not* a morning person. Like, at all. I do my best work late at night, and like to take my (groggy) mornings slowly and quietly.

My children, however, *are* morning people (they take after their father) and I’ve been finding the sudden shock of waking up to loud, hungry, chirpy little birds a little too much. Ideally, when I think about “getting up early before the kids” I picture a solid 2 hours of productivity, all by myself. Then I laugh, and realistically set my alarm for just half an hour before the kids normally wake up. This only gives me enough time to make a cup of tea, drink it in silence, and have a little prayer time, but mentally its been making *such* a big difference! On the days that I manage to get up to my alarm, that is. I’m still working on forming the habit – getting up at 5:45am is hard!

Maybe one day I’ll be disciplined enough to get to bed early, and to rise early to get those 2hrs in, but until then I’ll just stick with my little half hour of silence and my cup of tea.

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