Happy New Year

Well, we didn’t exactly have a quiet start to 2020, but things are slowly settling down now and we’re finding our new rhythm as a family of 5.We’re very excited to have another darling daughter in our lives at the beginning of January, and little Miss E seems to think we’re a bit alright too. 😁I don’t think I’ll write out a full birth story (as much as I love reading other people’s), but here’s a few fun facts about her crazy, hectic birth.

– my first contraction came pretty much bang on midnight, waking me with a jolt. The pain level was that of what my contractions are normally like after many hours of slowly building.

– I laboured for 5 hours without dilating, then dilated 6cm in just under 2hrs. I dilated the last 4cm in 45mins. Yes, it hurt.

– Miss E was born in the shower – according to my husband, I nearly broke the shower chair I was pulling on it so hard 😂

– Miss E was born en-caul (still in her amniotic sack) which, according to Google, happens 1 in every 80,000 births! The midwife assures me that it means she will never drown. Not planning on testing that theory though 🤔

– She’s our smallest baby, at 3.730kg (8lbs 3oz) and is by far my best feeder. Gaining weight like she’s training for a body building comp. She also has the most hair of the three girls, and looks most like her biggest sister Miss K.We have great plans for this year, though leaving it all in God’s hands as to the when and where of it all. One exciting change is that we’ll be starting our venture into homeschooling this year! Miss K is 4yrs old and while Kindy isn’t compulsory here in Western Austrlia, I’ve been slowly putting together a little plan to get us started.Stay tuned to see how we go juggling newborn life and homeschooling over the next few months 😅

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